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Explore how the latest and greatest Digital Earth technologies are transforming our world! See the course in the calendar

This new ONLINE course will introduce you to how digital earth tools are transforming our world. You will be introduced to things like;

  • Satellite imagery
  • Drone based mapping
  • Google Earth and Digital Worlds
  • Global positioning systems and global navigation satellite systems
  • Big data, apps, and ethical issues of big data analysis
  • Citizen science and community-based mapping
  • 3D visualizations of environmental data

We will explore these tools through the investigation of relevant and current case studies and applications of how these tools and technologies are being used in the real world;

  • Crime and policing in the City of Toronto/Waterloo Region
  • Mapping the weather
  • COVID-19; mapping and modelling epidemics
  • Mapping temperature extremes
  • Personal and community geographic knowledge
  • Tracking the Sahara Desert cloud
  • Global freshwater ecosystems